About Us

Founded in 2000, Golden Bridge Translation Center “takes the development objective of creating the No.1 brand of translation in China through the combination of advanced internet technology and traditional translation service”. The Company centers on the strategic development objective and divides the structure of organization into two business departments, Network Business Department and Translation Business Department.

Network Business Department focuses on developing and promoting the intelligent translation technology. In 2000, the Corporation launched the first computer intelligent translation system— World Pass. The Company is the only online translation service provider able to translate 12 languages in China . In 2008, the Company took the lead to launch a new e-commercial mode for translation service on the website http://www.netat.net. It means that a customer can submit the text(s) to be translated online, the system will automatically calculate the charge and time of translation, the charge is paid online, and then the logistics and delivery are completed via email. In this way, the whole translation service procedure can be completed simply and expediently online. The Company's website contains many columns including Online Translation, Online Dictionary, Forum and Blog, etc. and receives more than 1 million visitors per day, so it has become a portal website in the domestic translation industry. The Company makes use of advanced intelligent translation technology to successively build the strategic cooperation with many famous websites including Baidu, Dianji, msnshell, Alisoft, etc.

Translation Business Department started providing translation, interpretation, website localization and other translation services in 2000, covering English, Japanese, Korean, French, Germany , Russian, Spain and other languages. Through its efforts for 1 year, the Company has built the authoritative translation team and strict quality control procedure. The translation center follows the working procedure of professional division and sector division, and has many translation teams for different professions. We select the corresponding translation teams and senior translators for translation according to the sector that the text to be translated belongs to, so as to ensure the profession and accuracy of translation. For quality control, the Company accumulates a giant professional term base and makes use of advanced computer-assisted translation technologies, so as to ensure the change from the artificial control of translation quality to the computer control, and guarantee the controllability of translation quality and the long-term competitiveness of enterprise.

While the Company employs advanced intelligent translation technologies to constantly improve its own translation technologies, it is also actively cooperating with many large websites in China , and builds the strategic cooperation with Baidu, Dianji and msnshell, etc.