Quality Control

Our center takes translation quality as the basis of survival and handles every business in accordance with strict quality procedure, so as to ensure the accuracy of your text.
Translation Procedure: It is divided into Customer Consultancy, Evaluation & Quotation, Contract Signing, Down Payment, Translation of Text, Quality Inspection, Delivery, Customer’s Feedback, Completion of Translation.
Customer Consultancy: Our center provides translation, interpretation, website translation and multimedia translation services for customers, covering all kinds of languages.
A customer can consult via:
Email: netat66@163.com msn:wuzy66@hotmail.com qq:378778232
After we learn about the customer’s request, we will provide the evaluation scheme for the text.
Evaluation & Quotation:A customer can directly send the text to our email address netat66@163.com. After receiving the text, we will determine the evaluation scheme according to the profession, format and words of the text, and advise the number of words and unit price for this text as well as the time of translation and the amount of down payment.
Contract Signing:The cooperation contract is signed after the cooperation intention is formed between both parties.
Down Payment:A customer pays the down payment at the rate of 30-100% according to the amount of the subject matter in the contract.
Translation of Text: Our center selects the corresponding professional translation team to translate the text to be translated according to its profession.
Quality Inspection:After the translation team completes the translation, the translated text is submitted to proofreader for quality inspection. The proofreader will check the errors in the words and grammar of the translated text with software, and check the professional terms with the professional term base.
Delivery & Feedback: The translated text is delivered to the customer via express and email, etc. and the customer’s feedbacks are received with regard to the modification of text.