In the principle of quality first, our center sincerely provides old and new customers with professional and accurate translation services. We can provide the translation services from more than 10 languages to Chinese and vice versa, including English, Japanese, Korean, Germany, French, Spanish and Russian, etc. We can translate customers' contracts, instructions for products, essays, bidding documents, novels, scripts and various other documents.

Type of Text:

According to the type of text, we can help customers translate more than 20 types of texts, including credentials, legal documents, magazines & publications, instructions for products, theses for graduation, speech texts, and business correspondences, etc.

Translation Specializations:

According to the subject of text, we can help customers translate the technical documents related to computer, biochemistry, machinery & electric machine, construction & building materials, medicine and pharmacy, food processing, finance & securities, agriculture & animal husbandry, textiles & clothing, electric power, petroleum, light industry, and automobile, etc.

Category of Art and Literature:

We can help customers translate scripts of TV series, film scripts, TV scenic films, introductions to travel attractions, novels, prose, and artistic and literary texts with a certain historic background.

Quality Assurance:

Our center puts the quality of translation first and has different and specialized teams responsible for translating the texts in the corresponding industries so as to realize the international and professional level. We adopt the complete and strict procedure of translation and employ senior industry experts and academic authorities for joint proofreading in order to be strict in every level and ensure the quality of translation.

Powerful Support:

Thanks to the powerful computer-assisted translation and the assistance of term bases, we can realize more specialized translations. The grammar error-correcting function guarantees no grammar error in our translation. Together with the functions of word error-correcting and phase improvement, these are our core technologies.