Translation Price

The translation price shall be adjusted according to how professional the text to be translated is and when it is required to be delivered.

Professional Text:
The price shall be increased for those highly professional texts such as art & literature, medicine, machinery & electric machine, computer telecommunication, and finance & securities, etc.
Number of Words Chinese←→English Chinese←→Japanese, French, Germany, Russian Chinese←→Other languages Foreign language←→Foreign language
Chinese→English English→Chinese Chinese→Foreign language Foreign language→Chinese Chinese→Foreign language Foreign language→Chinese Foreign language←→Foreign language
Less than 10,000 words 180-240 140-180 200-260 190-240 330-380 300-350 380-450
Less than 30,000 words 160-220 130-170 180-240 170-220 300-350 280-330 300-380
Above 30,000 words 150-200 120-160 Mutual consultation for a preferential price.
1. The above prices are all per 1,000 characters (excluding spaces) in a WORD document, and the price of credentials is calculated per piece.
2. The text(s) to be translated shall be picked up and delivered free of charge, and a laser printed copy or a CD can be provided.
3. The normal translation speed is 2,000-5,000 Chinese characters per day, and 20%-100% extra shall be charged if requesting any urgent delivery.
4. For any special text or customer’s special requirements for translation, the price and time may be determined through consultation between both parties.
5. Any customer intended to build a long-term cooperation with us shall enjoy the cooperation price determined through consultation between both parties.

Price of Website Translation:
The website translation shall be classified into the static webpage translation and cms website translation in terms of website structure. To put it simply, there are two types of websites, one with database and the other without database. Our company will make different solutions according to the type of a customer’s website.
The translation price shall be determined according to the technical type of the customer’s website, the quantity of works for its art design, and the number of words to be translated.
Webpage Making
Textual Translation
Programming Technology
Static Webpage 80 RMB/page
Calculated at the price of translation